Creating a Lunch Group Slack Bot: Working with Some Data

A lot of times at the office around lunch time, one of us will ask everyone what their lunch plans are via Slack. This leads to one or a couple of us to take in orders and go pick up lunch a group of co-workers. I’ve been interested in building bots, particularly Slack bots lately, and I felt this would be a perfect case to build one for this task.

Some Philosophies on Separating Your Stack

For web applications, it’s a common pattern to separate your backend (typically a REST API) from your front-end/user interface nowadays. It’s a practice that I’ve been using for all of my projects for the past year or so.

Pondering About My Main Backend Techstack of Choice

For about eight months or so, I decided to commit myself and focus on Node.js as my main backend techstack of choice. PHP/Laravel have treated me well and I’ve been loving Go, but I wanted to focus on one tech stack, which is now Node as my main go-to. There’s just something about Javascript that I can’t get away from. Maybe it’s the new features coming out, it’s functional programming nature and it’s flexibility. Who knows.

Quick Thoughts on Test-Driven Development and Design Patterns

As a developer, a lot of times I feel constantly worried that I’m doing the “wrong thing” when I’m writing code. I worry if I’m doing “x” correctly, while I’m trying to focus on “y” thing. This mostly occurs for me when terms such as “test-driven development” and “design patterns” get thrown around. I usually catch myself worrying about these topics at the wrong times; especially when I’m just trying to write something simple and get the product out here in the wild. Here are my personal thoughts and advice when approaching these topics.